The Hyattsville Mennonite Church shares in the faith, fellowship, and labors of the Anabaptist tradition through memberships in the Allegheny Conference and in the Mennonite Church USA. Our church governance is congregationally based, which means that we accept the authority and responsibility given to those assembled “in the name of Christ,” as described in Matthew 18.

On Nov. 5, 2005, Allegheny Mennonite Conference delegates voted to discipline Hyattsville Mennonite Church for its practice of receiving into membership LGBTQ Christians in committed relationships. Following the vote, Pastors Cynthia Lapp and Joe Roos addressed the delegates. Click here for the pastors’ closing remarks.

On March 7, 2015, Hyattsville Mennonite Church was restored to full membership in Allegheny Mennonite Conference by a 72-70 vote of the delegates. For a fuller picture of that process, see this article on The Atlantic magazine’s website.