Jubilee Association of Maryland

Jubilee Association of Maryland, Inc. is sponsored by Hyattsville Mennonite Church and is guided by the teachings of the Christian faith.

Jubilee provides opportunities and support for adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to live in and enrich their community, while fulfilling their personal, family, social, and spiritual needs.

The Association bases its work on a belief in the dignity and worth of all people, as well as their right to pursue happiness as full, respected members of our society.

Started in 1978, Jubilee has grown to serve over 120 adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Jubilee Association provides services in Montgomery County, Maryland, and gives priority to eligible individuals currently living in Maryland. Most services are funded by the State of Maryland.

You may contact Jubilee Association to inquire about services, to apply for a job, to make a donation, or just to find out more about the agency.

Jubilee Association of Maryland, Inc.
10408 Montgomery Ave.
Kensington, Maryland 20895


Phone: 301-949-8626
Fax: 301-949-4628