Small Groups

All who attend Hyattsville Mennonite Church are encouraged to join a small fellowship group. These groups may include people interested in a particular focus, such as Bible study, music or book study, or people who are more generally interested in fellowship. Components of group meetings may vary, but usually include some aspects of nurture of members, worship together, and mission toward others.

All groups are encouraged to become real community to each other, providing care in the spirit of Christ. A fellowship group can become the primary unit of the church family, with whom struggles and victories, sorrow and joys, may be shared without any fear of condemnation, criticism, too much advice, or breach of confidence. Small groups are formed on request under the guidance of the Pastorate. The Pastorate helps people connect to new groups and supports existing groups. New groups form almost every year, with some being long term, and others are “pop-up” groups that meet 6-12 months around a theme or purpose.