Brian Gorman

Longing for the Revealing of the Children of God

July 23, 2023
Romans 8:12-25

The letter to Romans is a theologically rich and complex book of the Bible, and therefore the source of so many of the church’s most contentious debates. The eighth chapter […]

The Gospel in Ordinary Time

January 15, 2023
Isaiah 49:1-7; John 1:29-42

Many of you have met or seen our 2 year old Ammon running around. If you haven’t, he will be the one skipping back down the aisle after offering. We […]

Hosting the Host

February 06, 2022
Luke 19:1-10

The story of Zacchaeus is probably quite familiar to many of us. Maybe you even sang a song about him when you were a child in Sunday school.  Zacchaeus is […]