Jeremiad III

September 18, 2016
Jeremiah 8:17-9:1

We are continuing our month long exploration/slog through Jeremiah. Per the sermon title you will see that we are on Jeremiad III. For those of you unfamiliar with the term Jeremiad – it is a long, mournful complaint or lamentation; a list of woes. The term is inspired by the biblical book of Jeremiah – […]

Jeremiad II

September 11, 2016
Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28; Psalm 14; Luke 15:1-10

In case you missed the scintillating sermon last week, I will try to bring you up to date on preachy things here at Hyattsville Mennonite. For the month of September, Michelle and I will be looking at texts from Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a grumpy, long winded prophet who uses unusual object lessons and strange metaphors […]

Jeremiad I

September 04, 2016
Jeremiah 18:1-11; Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18; Luke 14:25-33

Several weeks ago Michelle and I had a special pastors meeting to plan sermons for September. It is not our usual practice but we decided to try something new. “How about a series on the lectionary texts from Jeremiah?” (Both nodding uneasily.) Ok. I haven’t spent much time with Jeremiah, though I have lived next […]


August 21, 2016
Jeremiah 1:4-10; Luke 13:10-17; Psalm 71:1-6

I was at the pool the other night with my pool friends. Most of my pool friends do not attend church or synagogue so it always tickles me a just a bit when they ask, “So what are you preaching on this week?” Sometimes I give a general answer about a theme but this time, […]

Trails of Tears – the Ethnic Cleansing of Native Americans

August 07, 2016
Deuteronomy 7:1-3; Matthew 28:18-20; Revelation 7:9-10

In this brief summary of the experience of aborigines in North America with European settlers I will focus on three historical incidents.  But note that the history of much of this period of time is somewhat suspect for at least two reasons – First – Much of what took place was in a time when […]

Divine Image, Human Image

July 31, 2016
Psalm 107:1-9; Philippians 2:5-11

“The distinction between the two natures in no way being annulled by their unity, but rather the properties of each nature being preserved and coming together to form one person and one hypostasis.” The dual nature of Christ. We’ll come back to that definition. I’m fortunate to be talking about this icon in our series. […]


July 24, 2016
Matthew 25:31-45

Discipleship is a journey, one of spiritual and earthly significance. I did not grow up in the Mennonite church. I grew up in a tradition that views discipleship as something profoundly spiritual. Discipleship was something done to change and shape a person on a deep level. It was about memorizing scripture, hiding it in your […]

Unas Palabras Acerca de la Salvación

July 17, 2016
Philippians 2:12-16a; John 10:1-10

Talvez la salvación sea el tema mas simple y a la vez mas profundo en el mensaje de Jesús. La invitación de hoy es que lo miremos desde la perspectiva del arte, pues es el arte la herramienta mas idónea para acercarnos a algo tan bello y sensible como la salvación. Tenemos aquí una hermosa […]

God, Inc.

July 10, 2016
Deuteronomy 30:9-14; Luke 10:25-28

This Icon is entitled: Trinity. Trinity here being a word used to represent the concept of a triune God in Christianity. A God that is Creator, Christ, and Spirit. Three separate beings in one entity. Before I ever stood before this painting I knew that I would be preaching on the Trinity Icon in this […]

The Nonviolent Sword?

July 03, 2016
Jeremiah 8:18-22; Matthew 10:34-39

Nonviolence. When I look at this icon, I do not see nonviolence. What I see is a sword, a sword piercing through the very middle of this icon, spilling blood all over the rest of the image. I see violence, and it frightens me. Violence takes many forms, and it plagued much of June this […]