Nourishing Questions: Curiosity & Discernment

February 26, 2023
Matthew 4:1-11

Today we mark the first Sunday in Lent. Lent being the 40 day period that leads up to Easter Sunday. It is a season that is an echo, or reflection, […]


February 05, 2023
Matthew 5: 13-20; Isaiah 58: 1-12

Two weeks ago, on Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday, we read from the prophet Isaiah, “The people walking in darkness are seeing a brilliant light.”  And here we have light again, […]

Anabaptist Light/Anabaptist Slant: World Anabaptist Fellowship Sunday

January 22, 2023
Matthew 4: 12-23; Isaiah 9:1-4

“Tell all the truth but tell it slant,” Emily Dickinson reminds us. That’s how a good story is told, gradually, with perspective, and context and details that may not be […]

The Gospel in Ordinary Time

January 15, 2023
Isaiah 49:1-7; John 1:29-42

Many of you have met or seen our 2 year old Ammon running around. If you haven’t, he will be the one skipping back down the aisle after offering. We […]